We Care About You!

The benefits of joining Divine Revive are simply vast. We put solution to situation. We bring happiness to you. We unwrap strategic ways to conquer anger problem stealing your happiness. We provide "amazing and confidential" tips and helps (including revelation, mediation and education) tailored at helping you smash all problems hampering you from living or meeting a happy life, and you may even stay anonymous on circumstantiality, no matter your religion, location and condition. Through tackling these problems, we help stop high rates of crime and poverty in our global community, and unleash the awesome love of God. 

So you submit your problem to us through our homepage, and we take care of the rest. That`s right! We will also put your problems in our intense prayers. And we have "World Best Single" program (for selected time) where you have chance of finding a good soulmate. You may also contribute your free comments that meet our vision. We do it all- receiving you, reaching you, and reviving you, all for a happy life with no fee, no stress, no fight, no brag, no drama, no scam, no risk, no myth and no hurdle.


                                                      ..you decide!



At Divine Revive:


    1.   * You only need a valid email address.

      2.   * You absolutely pay nothing for all our services.

        3.   * You may stay anonymous on circumstantiality.

          4.   * You may deduct your donation made to Divine Revive from your taxes.

            5.   * You simply submit your problem on our Home page whenever you need our help or tip.

              6.   * You may send your free comments that meet our Mission and Vision anytime.

                7.   * You get our help response to your submitted problem within 24 - 48 hours.

                  8.   * You may get our physical visitation in some problems, at your request.

                  9 .  * You get intense prayers to your problems conducted by our Tool Team that fasts a lot.

                  10  * You may get monthly stipend or commission if you are in our Volunteer program.

                  11. * You will have means to finding your soulmate if you`re in "World Best Single" program.

                  12. * You are welcomed even if you are not a Christian, for God loves everyone.

                  13. * You deal with Tool Team with extraordinary talents and gifts.

                  14. * You may submit your problem from your cell phone and at any location or time.

                  15. * You don`t just get tip or help but get tip and help that work.

                  16. * You are not left alone, but we work with you till you achieve desired result.

                  17. * You don`t log in or need a password and you don`t renew anything.

                  18. * You may be invited by other users for wedding, birthday party, fun vacation etc.

                  19. * You post testimonial on Testimonials page whenever you like.

                  20. * You may use us for peaceful mediation or liaison for settlement or reconciliation.

                  21. * You may make request on behalf of a minor or someone mentally unfit.

                  22. * And many more...



                                                                                                   Your Happiness is Everything To Us! 

                                                                                                                  "We keep it Simple"  


                                                    VOUNTEER   Toolteam@divinerevive.org.  WORKERS.  Address: 2509 George Mason Drive, #6033, Virginia Beach, VA 23456, USA. 

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