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Our Volunteer program is currently designed for TRULY BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN ADULTS who want to "sincerely" volunteer part or any of their time in working for our organization by attending to people of all race and all background affected with coronavirus in United States, to encourage and comfort them, regardless of their religious stance. After comforting them, you will tell them to submit any private problem they have to our Homepage for our Tool team to attend to them. It is that simple!

For your volunteer work, you shall get a bi-weekly stipend or commission and also bonuses based on counts. A count is when you attend to a family or residence in person or over the phone and such person or family is affected with coronavirus pandemic, and you submit their four information to us, and they give you A+ or A score when we emailed them to grade you. That qualifies as a count. You must hit at least 5 (five) counts to start getting commission, and you must maintain the counts you have already made, by doing a weekly follow up calls or emails to them to keep encouraging and comforting them. Right! You must not do anything illegal or disrespectful or unethical in how you attend to them. The more count you get after you hit 5 (five) counts, the more commission you make. If you hit 50 (fifty) or more counts, you get a bonus. You will also get monthly bonus for maintaining your weekly follow up to them. If people you attend to send any negative report about you to our Tool team or through our website that you are not following up with them, then that count will be taken out in your account, and if your account contains less than five counts, you will stop receiving commissions or bonuses until it hits 5 (five) counts again.

You will be an "independent contractor" and a 1099 worker, and NOT a W2 employee of Divine Revive in all your volunteer works. That of course means you will be taking care of your taxes for all your volunteer works for Divine Revive. And finding the persons and families infected or affected with coronavirus can be done through many ways, including going to business-to-business or running some ads. If you run ads through any means, you CANNOT display the name of Divine Revive in your ad and you must not display anything unethical or unlawful. But when communicating to people who respond to your ad, you must tell them that you are a volunteer of Divine Revive. For more info, contact our Tool team or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

Here is the summary of what you will be doing;

* The first step is you must live in US and must have legal authorization to work in US, if you are not a US citizen.

* You must be TRULY Born Again Christian adult with sincere willingness to help those infected or affected with coronavirus anywhere in US.

* You must "ONLY" talk about coronavirus issue when you contact or attend to people, and nothing more. And your talk must "ONLY" relate to encouraging and comforting them. For example, you will say; hey, my name is Tony from Divine Revive, a nonprofit organization, and l am inquiring to know if you really do wear face mask when they go out, keep social distancing and wash your hands always, do you? How has this coronavirus affecting you? And when they respond negatively, you will then encourage them that we will never let this coronavirus steal our happiness. And then you tell them if they have any major or private issue arising from this coronavirus, they should submit it on our Hompage at, and our Tool team will attend to them. Be nice, respectful and loving in your talk to them. Do not talk or discuss any other thing with them. And then tell them that your team Head would be contacting them by phone or email for them to grade your performance and that that is how you get paid, and also the reason why you need them to give you (1.) their full name (2.) their tel# (3.) their work or home address and (4.) their email address.

* If you are interested for this volunteer work,  you have to apply or join through our Join page here, and an "Acceptance" email with your Volunteer number (V#) will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours from our Admin or Tool Team if you are accepted. Note, we may email you for more information before accepting you. If you have not received any email from us after 48 hours, please contact us through our Contact Us page to know why.

* After you get your volunteer number or V#, you have to start attending to people infected or affected with coronavirus in US, and do the job mentioned above when you reach them. 

* After you finish attending to them and collecting the four things (namely, their email address, their phone number, their physical work or home address and their full name), you email them to our Tool Team within 48 hours, and our Tool Team will contact them by email or phone and ask them to grade your performance.  If they respond and give you "A+" or "A" grade within one month from date you attended to them, then that will qualify as a "count", and when you hit 5 counts, you will start getting paid from the 6th (sixth) count at $15 "guaranteed commission" on each count. And in every 50 counts you get in your account, you will get bonus of $50. Note, our Tool team may inquire why they gave you A+ or A grade and if their explanation for their grading is clearly unreasonable, that will not qualify as a count.

* You get paid biweekly on the 15 of every month and on the last day of every month. How to find these people infected or affected with coronavirus in US is entirely on "you". You may visit business to business or post ads on Craiglist, Facebook, CareerBuilder, local Newpapers or other means, and you must not show the name of Divine Revive in your posting until they respond to your ads. Finding people in US affected with coronavirus is "easy" because everyone in US is at least affected with this deadly virus problem.

* Both you and us deserve the right to suspend or terminate your volunteer work at anytime, with or without reason, and in such situation, notice through email will suffice.

* You must not bad-mouth or talk negative about the Divine Revive in all your volunteer work, under no circumstance.

* And yes this volunteer work does not involve any selling or buying of any goods or services. All you do is simply attend to them in person or over the phone, ask them if they are keep the general safety rules mentioned above and nicely encourage and comfort, and tell them to submit the private problem on our homepage if they have any, and then collect their four general information. That`s all. 


* You must not ask money or collect money from people in your volundeer work, or talk about any other thing with them, under no circumstance. Taking money from people or on behalf of Divine Revive, will result to immediate termination of your volunteer work and forfeiture of ALL your commissions. 

* You will be your own boss, make your own time, file your own tax, and touch human lives. Everybody wins with your volunteer work.

                                             "Got questions on our Volunteer Program (VP)? Visit our FAQs page, or feel free to contact us"




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