Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions

                                                   For better understanding of Divine Revive, see below questions & answers.



Question- Do you attend to people infected or affected with coronavirus?

Answer- Absolutely. Just submit your situation on the form located on our Homepage, and we will secretly contact you with amazing tips that would resolve or reduce your problems with target to bringing happy life to you, no matter your religion and situation. We will also put your situation in our intensive prayer through our HappyBirthday program. If you are infected with coronavirus, please please please stay "self-isolated" to avoid infecting others, as this is a very infectious and deadly virus. And if you have some symptoms of infection, please go get tested.


Question- Will you attend to my other problems affecting my happiness even if l am not a Christian?

Answer- Yes, but we do not give legal or medical advice.


Question- Where is Divine Revive located at?

Answer- We are primarily located in the Commonwealth State of Virginia in United States. And we are out to reaching the entire world from United States with so many people already interested within our beginning years. The pace of growth is encouraging. Many of our services are through internet.



Question- Do l have to sign up and create a profile before l start using Divine Revive network?

Answer- No, no profile or username or login password required. All you need is a name and a valid email address. That`s all, and joining is 100% free! Just go to our Join page and join. It takes less than two minutes. After that, you begin to send your problems on our Home page at anytime and from anywhere. Another way to join is to just submit your problem on our Homepage and you become automatically joined to our organization.



Question- Does Divine Revive do charity?


Answer- Yes, we are also a charitable organization, but our charity is discretionary. However, our "terms and conditions" do not allow us to send money or cash to our users, unless you are in our Volunteer program.



Question- Can l make any comment that is offensive, unlawful or discriminatory?


Answer- No, you cannot! We have zero tolerance to this. It is a total violation of terms and conditions of our network and organization to send contents that are pornographic, vulgar, evil, offensive, unlawful, harmful, deceitful, dishonest or disdainful. Also, you cannot express any discrimination against any race, tribe, nationality, political trend, language, gender or even religion. Sorry, not in this organization!



Question- So where do l submit my request or problem, if it is a follow up problem?


Answer- Initial request is always submitted through our Homepage, after that, the follow up communication on that request is done through emails. If there is no follow up communication for at least one month on that request, then you have to send through our Homepage again if you want to address that request again.


Question- What if l submit my situation, and don`t get a response from Divine Revive?


Answer- Please allow few hours (up to 48 hours) for us to respond to it. Our online system has to screen it to ascertain your submission did not violate the terms and conditions of Divine Revive. Submission that violates our terms and conditions will not get any response. Also, you can check your spam box to see if it went there.


                                                         BELOW ARE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ON VOLUNTEER PROGRAM. 

Question- Tell me more about your Volunteer program?


Answer- Our Volunteer program is also geared at upholding our mission to accomplishing our vision in buildiing a better world- it is NOT mandatory. It is currently for users who want to volunteer any of their time to work for us in attending to people infected or affected with coronavirus disease in United States. To work in current volunteer program you must live in US, and must have legal authorization to work in US, and must only attend to people infected or affected with coronavirus in US.


Question: Can you tell me little more?

Andwers- You must truly believe in our mission and vision- please visit our Vision page. You also have to be a Born Again Christian adult with sincere willingness to help those infected or affected with coronavirus. If interested, you apply or join through our Join page, and a Volunteer number will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours if you are accepted. We may email you for more information before we send you our acceptance email. After you get your volunteer number or V#, you have to start going to people or family infected or affected with coronavirus anywhere in US to encourage and comfort them. How to find them is totally on you, and if you do run ads on internet or other means to find them, you must not disclose name of Divine Revive in your ad, but have to disclose it when they respond to your ads. 


Question: Can l ask for money or take money from people l attend or talk about any other thing with them, when l am doing my volunteer work for Divine Revive? Also, do l get paid any commission for doing volunteer work for Divine Revive?

*Answers- You cannot ask for money or collect any money from people in your volunteer work, under no circumstance. That means you must let people know that our work is 100% free. And when you attend to them, you must NOT lie to them, and you must tell them to submit their problem on our Homepage if they have any private problem that needs some solution. You also have to collect and email us four information of them (namely; their email address, phone number, physical home address and ful name) and let them know that the reason for the information is to enable us contact them to obtain their grade on how you treated them and for us to send them an encouraging gift. Note, attending to two or more people or families who have same physical address does not qualify as two or more counts but only one count. And you have to tell them that it is when they grade that you get paid. If they give you A+ or A grade, then that will qualify as a count, and when you hit 5 counts in your account, you will start getting paid from the 6th (sixth) count at $15 guaranteed commission on each count. And note, our Tool team may inquire why they gave you A+ or A grade, and if their explanation is unreasonable, that will not qualify as a count. 


Question: Can l attend to people in person when l do volunteer work for Divine Revive?

Answer- You may do it in person or over the phone. You get paid bi-weekly on the 15 of every month and on the last day of every month.


Question: How often do l get paid my volunteer commissions monthly? 

Answer- You get paid bi-weekly, on the 15th of every month and on last day of every month.


Question: Can l terminate my volunteer work at any time?

Answer- Both you and us has the right to suspend or terminate your volunteer works at anytime, with or without reason, and in such situation, notice through email will suffice.


Question: What more do l need to know about the volunteer work?

Answer- You must not bad-mouth or talk negative about the Divine Revive in all your volunteer work, under no circumstance. You will be a 1099 worker or independent contractor, so you will be your own boss, make your own time, file your own tax, and help the human lives. Everybody wins with your volunteer work.




Question: Looking at other questions, what is the importance of my email address?

Answer- Without having your email address, you cannot use our network. We need your name and email address to respond to any request or problem you submit to us.



Question: I am looking for a relationship where l can take advantage of the other person. Can Divine Revive help?

Answer- We can give you help that would be of advantage to you in your relationship but if such advantage will harm or hurt the other person, then no, we can`t help you. We want everyone to be happy, and again, integrity and fairness are the best words to define us.



Question: What if l am a user of Divine Revive, and l am having problem with a person who is also a user of Divine Revive, wouldn`t that be conflict of interest?


Answer- Not at all. We will attend to both of you differently though, but it will be an easy win win situation.



Question: What if l am done knowing the contents in the response from Tool Team, can l delete them?


Answer- Yes you may, but it is advisable to leave the contents undeleted until you receive total solution to that specific problem you brought to us.



Question: Can l use same email address used by another user?


Answer- No, you may not. Any valid email address that is taken by a user, may not be used by another user.


Question: What happens if l forget or want to change my name or email address?

Answer- You may change your email address anytime or as many times you want but you may not change your name unless your change of name is legally proven. For us to accept your new email address, we will ask you some questions to ascertain you are the true user. 



Question: You said Divine Revive revives lives by giving "secret help" to people, what type exactly?

Answer- Our helps are result oriented, and encompasses tip, hint, charity, suggestion, advice, education, revelation, counseling or mediation. It covers all problems affecting your happiness. We also have HappyBirthday program where we put your problems in our intense prayers, regardless of your religious background or other backgrounds.



Question: What if l am lying to Divine Revive in my email or request?

Answer- No lying is allowed. We discern every email and request carefully and uniquely. Nonetheless, we have full sole discretion not to respond to any email or request if we perceive that you are not being honest about it or if it is in violation of our terms and conditions.



Question: Can l anonymously hide my real name and real name of the other person in my relationship when using this network?

Answer- Yes, you may unless you are applying or joining to become our volunteer.



Question: Is it possible to send new request from different site or email it?


Answer- All problems that need our help must always be sent initially through the form located at our Home page. If this is a question about our network or organization, please use our Contact Us page.



Question: I want to read this site in a different language, how do l do it?

Answer- Please use google for now. In future, we may create translation link in our network.



Question: Can l deduct my donation made to Divine Revive from my taxes?

Answer- We are approved 501c3 nonprofit organization, so yes, your donation is tax deductible, pursuant to tax law.



Question: Do l have to be a user of Divine Revive to send invitation to other users?


Answer- No, you don`t necessarily have to, but you must be a user to receive invitation for any social fun gathering (like, wedding invitation, baby shower, happy birthday party) or other good news.



Question: Can l have more than one email address even if l have good reason for it?


Answer- No, you cannot have more than one valid email address or a joint email address with anyone, no matter your reason. Each email address is meant for each user. Remember, you may always change your email address at anytime. If we find out you are using more than one email address, it would be violation of our terms and conditions, and thus we will not respond to you. Please use only one email address with Divine Revive.



Question: And what if l want to cancel from Divine Revive?


Answer- If you no longer want to be a user in our network, the ONLY way to do it is to stop responding to our emails for the whole "one months in a row". Any email address that is not responded to in one month in a row, will expire, cancel and invalidate. There is no other way to cancel. 



Still got more questions?


Please visit our terms and conditions in our Terms & Conditions page or feel free to contact us.



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